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Our Beliefs

Holy Cow Beef does not want to rely on the government's interpretation, opinion or regulations for what is organic; we want to rely on our common sense knowledge and values of what we want our family to eat and what our customers want their families to eat. More 

About Us

We are the Warren Family. We provide high-quality Grassfed Angus beef; raised without antibiotics or added hormones; no pesiticides or herbicides used; our animals are on a Green-Forage diet of grasses, wheat and weeds from birth to finishing. We are committed to providing our customers with the healthiest and freshest locally raised Grassfed Angus beef. More




The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee of our All Knowing U.S. Government has changed its mind once again.  Eating the WHOLE egg is once again good for your health.  Really, isn't that something GOD knew all along and probably why GOD didn't make just Egg Whites.  FYI, Holy Cow recommends eating Free Range Chicken Eggs because that is a more natural and healthy environment for the chickens and their eggs.

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BEYOND ORGANIC is what Holy Cow Beef is all about: Grassfed, Green Forages, All-Natural, Antibiotic Free and NO Added Hormones, No Herbicides, No Pesticides ... all the time

Welcome to our website! Holy Cow Beef offers high-quality Angus Grassfed Beef.  Our Grassfed Beef is raised WITHOUT antibiotics, NO added hormones. NO pesticides and NO herbicides.  And, of course, our Angus are Grassfed from birth to finishing.
We invite you to visit our entire website, draw upon the resources of our mentors in animal science, health issues, beef recipes and our pursuit of healthy eating and living ... discover a new and healthy way to feed your family.

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phone:  Weldon - 940-550-4950   or   Ann - 806-777-1302

Hippocrates said it best, "Let Food be your Medicine or else, Medicine will be your Food."

You are what you eat ... so eat God's CLEAN & HEALTHY foods.

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